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Can you finish the preparation for the exam ritual and get the scholarship at the University of Magic?

 You only have 5 days to prepare for the big exam ritual to gain a scholarship at the University of Magic. Manage your mundane life and go on fantastic magical adventures to gather the essentials for your ritual. Built together an elaborate story of a young Applicant who is, despite their mundane life, aware of the world of magic but is also terribly inexperienced.


shell staff by Katja Kluth

Rely on the magic of the cards

Draw cards to help you guide through the creation of the University, the Applicant and the Ritual itself. Then you play through the last five days of preparation with its dull mundane life and the fantastic magical adventures. The cards will tell you where you have to go and who you will find there. As misfortune is with the unprepared, the same cards will also determine the complications of your journey. With 13 x 13 possible places, 13 NPC types in one of four moods and also 13 different complications, no adventure will be the same. And with that many 13, what could go wrong, right?

  pest book by Katja Kluth

Unique exam mechanic

At the end, the Applicant has to face the big exam. The presentation and performance of a ritual spell under the sharp and unyielding eyes of the representatives of the University. Were the last-minute preparations sufficient? Can the Applicant still convince the Council with theire additional knowledge? As in a real life, the Applicant will only find out at the end of the exam. 

skull charge by Katja Kluth 

quick Informations
Players: 1 player (the Applicant) &
1 GM (the University)
Material: a deck of cards (52 cards),
5 eight sided dice (5D8)
Content: 26 full colour A4 pages
4 Table pages, 1 Applicant Sheet, 1 University Sheet
Playtime: 2 to 4 hours, no preparation, play along
deadline, work stress, money shortage, work life balance


Buy Now$2.00 USD or more

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A cute game with some cute art 🙂